Four-Week Acting for Film – Level 1

Four-Week Acting for Film – Level 1

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Four-Week Acting for Film – Level 1

Four-Week Acting for Film – Level 1 is a full-time course taught over a four-week period. It is aimed at beginners without any or with limited previous film acting experience. The course consists of practical sessions exercising basic film acting principles. It will introduce students to more specific technical skills, while aiming to maintain a sense of creative freedom.


During this course you will:

  • Experience the use of voice and physical movement towards a truthful filmic performance
  • Practice basic rehearsal skills
  • Work on exercises around Conflict in Dramatic Situations and Character and Objectives
  • Get an understanding of Script analysis and its value for performance
  • Gain an understanding of the basic technical specificities of film making
  • Receive an introduction to set procedures


  • Truthfulness in Acting

The Basic skills to portray a plausible character and generate truthful behaviours during a film scene will be trained. You will gain a clearer understanding of what the camera exactly needs from an Actor. The necessary skills will be trained.

  • Script analysis and Scene interpretation

During these sessions you will learn how to analyse a script from an actor’s point of view. Understanding Character, Objectives and Circumstances will lead you to specific acting choices, necessary for your performance.

  • Subtext in Acting

During these sessions, you will discover the idea, use and purpose of subtext in performance. By addressing what subtext is and how it influences a performance you will enhance your understanding of performance tools and obstacles, whilst evaluating your choices as an actor when addressing script material.

  • Rehearsal Skills

During these sessions, you will examine how to get the most from your rehearsals and be able to put into practice techniques.

  • Filmmaking Skills

The filmmaking process will be explored so you understand its stages in broad terms. You will also learn the names and functions of the main crew members. You will come to understand technical requirements such as shot sizes, director commands and set procedures.


Dates & Prices

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    Four-Week Acting for Film Level 1 is a full-time, four-week course.

    Minimum Age: 18 at start of course

    Entry Requirements: All our short courses have open enrolment and there are no entry requirements.

    However, in order to get the most out of the course, you should be able to both speak and write in English to a reasonable standard.

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    Please note all our courses are taught in English.