Four Week Creative Sound

Four Week Creative Sound


This full time four week course is aimed at individuals wishing to expand and refine their knowledge of sound in the audio visual industry.

Media professionals, documentary, fiction and advertising creatives, editors, sound trainees and YouTubers are just an example of those who could greatly benefit from joining the course, to widen their understanding of industry standards and workflows for audio.

During this course you will:


  • Learn about the role of the Location Sound Recordist
  • Get hands on experience of recording live scenes in various locations to better understand the challenges encountered in this area of sound
  • Perform as a Foley Artist, recording, track laying and mixing audio for diverse ‘mute’ scenes for film
  • Cut and track lay both sound and music to picture
  • Learn to create, cut and mix sound fx for both real and ‘unreal’ scenarios
  • Running an ADR session + meeting the challenge of mixing scenes containing dialogue, ambience, Foley fx and music)

Metfilm School Berlin Overview


  • Introduction to Sound Design

    These sessions will give you an overview of the craft of sound design and its development throughout cinematic history.

  • Technical Competence

    You will come to understand technical requirements and will gain competence in set up and handling of film sound equipment. You will learn how to record high quality location sound, Foley and ambiences. You will be introduced to sound editing and mixing with Premiere Pro, Audition.

  • Sonic Storytelling

    You will examine how to develop a powerful on screen mood through creative use of sound tools such as multi layered soundscapes, music, the effective use of silence and the understanding of how other filmic disciplines (camera, editing, performance and script) combine as a whole to convey a story.

Four Week Creative Sound

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    Four-Week Creative Sound is a full-time, four-week course.

    Minimum Age: 18 at start of course

    Entry Requirements: All our short courses have open enrolment and there are no entry requirements.

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    Please note all our courses are taught in English.

Course Breakdown



Week 1 will introduce you to the foundations of sound theory and industry standard  practice and workflow in the areas of both recording and post production. You will learn about the important technical aspects of microphone use, location booming and mono, stereo and multitrack recording techniques. You will begin using Premiere Pro to learn the basics of sound editing and mixing.



In week 2 you will be introduced to the concept of Sound Design, using audio from different sources to construct the soundscape for various drama and documentary scenes.
Students will present examples of their own favourite Sound Design to the group, which will be followed by analysis and discussion. You will learn about the concepts and techniques involved in Foley recording, and track lay + record Foley for a selection of existing drama scenes.



Week 3 will begin with a session on the use of music in film and TV its historical importance as a storytelling tool and how the balance between music and sound is manipulated for maximum effect in productions.
You’ll learn about Surround Sound / 3D / VR sound recording and mixing, which will include a music ensemble recording session, which will lead to an editing and mixing module for a completed drama scene.
You’ll learn about the fundamentals of ADR, and then run an ADR recording session to picture, finally editing and mixing the dialogue to a scene. The final session in week 3 is an introduction to ‘synthetic’ sound design, creating, editing and mixing sound to a film trailer.



In the final week you will collaborate with your fellow students to create a 2-to-3 minute film that relies entirely on sound (but no on screen dialogue), to tell its story. You will put into practice all that you have learned in the previous three weeks. The week will end with a screening, analysis and discussion day, looking at the whole group’s portfolio of work from the course.