Six-Month Experimental Filmmaking

Six-Month Experimental Filmmaking

Looking to build your future in the screen industries? Met Film School Berlin is the perfect place to turn your passion into practice. Working closely with leading industry professionals, we offer you a career-focused, cutting edge, practical learning experience.

Due to visa requirements, this course is only available to EU and Swiss nationals, including those from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


Whether they are aware of it or not, all filmmakers are using ideas and techniques that come from the avant-garde. (Justin Morrow)

  • This is an a six month full-time course.
  • It is designed for students with some previous experience in visual arts, film or media who are passionate about their vision, who are self-motivated, with an artistic mind, strong communication skills and who enjoy new challenges.
  • You will explore alternatives to traditional narrative forms, create a portfolio of practical work, including two core projects as well as participate in a project for Art In Public, and in a series of creative exercises.
  • Strengthen your artistic output and your creative horizons, gain a collaborative network and explore the migration of experimental techniques into commercial forms.

Why take the course?

This new and unique course will serve as a dynamic laboratory setting for creating new forms of experimental, documentary, video art, expanded cinema, narrative and installation work.

You will focus on exploring alternatives to mainstream cinema, aiming to expand your theoretical, critical, practical and creative horizons.

  • Hands-on practical experience. Gain training and production experience in producing, directing, camera operation, lighting, sound and editing
  • Artistic collaborations. Produce a project for Art In Public, explore the contemporary commercial landscape for creative arts including commissioning, financing, distribution and exhibition.
  • Professional feedback. Pitch your projects to industry professionals and receive feedback and guidance to further develop your projects

What you will study

  • You will learn the basic techniques of cinematography, editing and sound mixing.
  • You will expand your critical, theoretical, creative and practical horizon by engaging with a wide range of work and filmmaking modes covering many of the movements and trends from the early 20th Century to the contemporary media art scene.
  • You will strengthen your collaborative relationships and enter into conversation with other contemporary works.
  • Promoting the regional, national and international networks at least one of the projects will be a collaboration with an exterior partner, either through installation art, music videos or advertising.
  • Out of and in dialogue with the critical considerations throughout the course, you develop your final creative project.

Dates & Prices

  • 07 MAY 2018 — 26 OCT 2018
  • Price


    Minimum Age: 18 at start of course

    Entry Requirements: Our Six Month Experimental Filmmaking course is for students with a qualification in creative arts or previous experience in film or media. Please include information about your previous experience in Section 3 of your enrolment form.

    In order to get the most out of the course, you should be able to both speak and write in English to a reasonable standard. For more information on this please contact

    Due to visa requirements, this course is only available to EU and Swiss nationals, including those from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

    Applicants  between the age of 18 – 30 from Australia, New Zealand, Canada (age of 18 – 35), Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Israel and Chile can apply for the Work and Travel Visa/Working holiday program to join the course.

    Duration: Six-Months, Full-Time



From the very first day at Met Film School, we teach our students to network and pitch to the industry. Our team  helps our talented and bright graduates to secure creative jobs in leading companies across the globe.

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