About MetFilm School Berlin

About MetFilm School Berlin

Why study at MetFilm School Berlin?

  1. All MetFilm School Berlin tutors are industry professionals.

  2. YouTube Space @ MetFilm School Berlin: MetFilm School Berlin offers state-of-the-art studio facilities for our students including high-quality cameras, lenses, camcorders, microphones and lights.

  3. 82% of graduates from our undergraduate courses are working within the creative industries, in a broad range of roles. (Met Film School Annual Graduate Survey 2015.)

  4. Option to study a year of the degree in Berlin, then complete the second year in MetFilm School London.

  5. All courses are taught in English with an emphasis on intensive, practical experience.

MetFilm School: educating a new generation of screen creatives.

Based at the heart of the creative industries:

MetFilm School Berlin is based at BUFA; the studio that has been home to film productions since the Weimar Republic and is one of the oldest film studios in Europe.

YouTube Space Partnership:

In 2015 MetFilm School Berlin launched a partnership with YouTubeSpaces and greatly expanded its facilities. Students will now benefit from access to state of the art training spaces including a fully equipped 1,500sq ft studio, two standing sets, a 5.1 surround sound screening room and post production suites. This will provide enhanced training opportunities for students. Find out more here.

International Students:

Our student body is excitingly diverse, with many international students choosing to study in Germany.  As a result, the vital process of building a strong and supportive network in the worldwide filmmaking community can start right here.  As well as being an impressive creative hub within Europe, Berlin is also a desirable destination for non-EU students who are seeking the flexibility to work whilst studying; It is possible for overseas students to work 180 half days per year (four hours a day) whilst studying in Germany.  Find out more here.

MetFIlm School Berlin aims to help students kick-start their career in film, TV and media.


On most of the courses at MetFilm School, students write, produce, direct and edit their own filmed content and are supported by their tutors. Students benefit from hands-on experience via numerous shooting and directing exercises, tailored coaching through one-to-one and group sessions, and access to state-of-the-art digital technology.


Met Film School: educating a new generation of screen creatives. MetFilm School is passionate about screen content and we are at the cutting edge of film education. We teach through practice in a dynamic, inspiring and fun environment. We help you get the careers you want by making you aware of the screen industries and giving you the creative and entrepreneurial skills you need to prosper. We are creating the smart creatives of tomorrow.

programmes-to-fit-your-needs_about-MetFilm-BerlinMetFilm School selects students who show passion, talent, and determination to succeed. Whether you’re a school leaver looking for an intensive two-year degree programme, a graduate looking to build on your academic experience with a highly practical and immersive programme, or a working professional considering a change in career – MetFIlm School have courses to suit.


MetFilm is an exciting place to be, especially since each school is in the heart of a world-renowned, active film studio – Ealing Studios, London and BUFA, Berlin. MetFilm School is part of the MetFilm group consisting of the School, Met Film Production and Met Film Post. Unlike any other film school MetFilm School is completely integrated within the film industry.


MetFilm School has undergone a review for educational oversight by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and has received its final report.

We have received the following judgements from QAA:

The review team has confidence in MetFilm School’s management of its responsibilities for the standards of the awards it offers on behalf of its awarding bodies.

The review team has confidence that MetFilm School is fulfilling its responsibilities for managing and enhancing the quality of the intended learning opportunities it provides for students.

The review team concludes that reliance can be placed on the accuracy and completeness of the information that MetFilm School is responsible for publishing about itself and the programmes it delivers.