11 February 2014

Masterclass with Agnès Godard at the Berlinale Talent Campus

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By Silvia Beck


A wonderful insight into her very personal and individual approach to cinematography, Agnès Godard recounted her experiences on the set with Wim Wenders as a Focus Puller as well as her 30-year-long collaboration with Director Claire Denis. She also shot the 2012 winner of the Berlinale Special Award – Silver Bear L’enfant d’en haut.


As a cinematographer Godard feels that the most important question in filmmaking is: Who are you? and Where are you? Thus having to make a decision as to whose story the camera is telling and from which angle. And in the end it is not about “Does it look nice?” but all about “Do I believe in what I see?


Film clips showed many intense close ups and her beautifully intuitive handheld camera style. Godard: “When I have a camera on my shoulder it is as if I am not filming with my eyes, but with my mind.”

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