10 February 2014

The Berlinale Blog: Day 1

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By Sofia Bengtsson

The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) is taking place in Berlin during the dates 6th-16th of February.  We sent some of our students from Met Film Berlin to the event to catch the latest screenings and masterclasses!

The Grand Budapest Hotel, Directed by Wes Anderson 
BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking student Corine Gasser described the first day as pretty hectic when they managed to bag one of the last tickets to the world premiere of The Grand Budapest Hotel. She describes the electric atmosphere of the festival below:
“Starting at 8.30pm we waited on the red carpet in front of the Friedrichstadt-Palace to get a good seat. We saw the Opening beamed onto a Live Screen and before the film started Festival Director Dieter Kosslick, Film Director Wes Anderson and Actor Bill Murray came by to say Hi!”
Fellow student Zoey Lee ranked the movie extremely highly with a 10/10- we guess that nothing can outrank The Grand Budapest hotel now!
American Hustle, by David O. Russell
Another film from the festival was American Hustle, an edgy thriller about a criminal and his beloved who are trying to avoid imprisonment by helping a FBI agent to find top criminals as well as the heads of the Mafia and get them into jail.  Our students gave this a very decent 8/10 rating, with Corine stating that it is a”really good movie.  I especially liked the cast and the clever dialogue, even though I think some scenes were a bit long. David O. Russell directed, known for The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook.
We can’t wait to hear more about the events at the festival!  Watch this space for even more film news from our lucky Berlin students.
Once upon a time: How to Start a Film Masterclass
This was a Masterclass event with three professionals of the competition Jury of the Berlinale: Greta Gerwig (screenwriter, director and actress), James Schamus (award-winning screenwriter, producer) and Michael Gondry (director, producer and writer). During the Masterclass the audience were shown the openings of a film featuring work by one of the professionals. They talked about their top tips in filmmaking and spent a great amount of time answering the audience’s questions. Greta Gerwig offered some interesting and controversial advice about how to lead your actors: You should give instructions of how you want the scene to look and not just let them improvise for the duration; “Improvisation should be the whipped cream on top of the dessert, used in a good way so the acting can get brilliant.”
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