11 February 2014

The Berlinale Blog: Day 2

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by Reinhard Forstinger and Rusanna Danielian

It’s our second blog from the Met FIlm Berlin students, and they sound as though they have been having a wonderful time at this year’s Berlinale!  Richard Forstinger was interviewed by Austrian TV station ORF about his experience, our School Director Silvia bagged top tips from award-winning Cinematographer Agnès Godard (see her blog here) and student Rusanna tells us about one of the many International Films screening at the festival.

The Dark Valley (Review by Reinhard Forstinger, One-Year Practical Filmmaking Student)

Director: Andreas Prochaska

Actors: Sam Riley, Paula Beer, Tobias Moretti
During the first moments of this film I had the impression being in a ‘Western’ of Austrian Origin. Later, as the story became slowly clear I recognized: this is a story about a Tyrolean Farmer. The topic of the screenplay about the “right of the first night” (ius primae noctis) is very interesting, but unusual in regard of the authenticity. Formerly it was the right of dukes, landlords and other nobles.
In some parts it was really overdone. Especially the music was too much, completely dominating so I asked myself many times ‘what is it used for’?
All together the screenplay was interesting but not outstanding but the directing was well done, camerawork was excellent, editing was good and last but not least the acting was excellent.
Finally when I came down the stairways from Cine 1 of Zoo Palast the Austrian TV (ORF) were there and they asked me for an interview. Their last question was about the purpose seeing that film. My answer was:
As being a student at METFILMSCHOOL it is a must to attend the Berlinale!
The Blue Wave (Review by Rusanna Danielian, One-Year Practical Filmmaking Student)
Directors: Zeynep Dadak, Merve Kayan


Cast: Ayris Alptekin, Onur Saylak, Baris Hacihan
Mavi Dalga (The Blue Wave) is a teen movie about four young girls who grow up in Turkey. The story is
told from the perspective of one of the teenagers, Deniz, who has to make new steps in her life. Like her friends she has to decide which profession she wants to choose and which university she should attend next year.  In contrast to her friends she prefers going to Ankara than studying in Istanbul.  But this decision is not the only thing that bothers her. She has often conflicts with her parents, especially with her mother and wants to get away from home. Moreover she has a crush on her older teacher Furat, who seems not to respond to her feelings, which frustrates her. At the same time she does not recognize that her best friend Kaya is in love with her.
I think that the film is well done and the young actors did a good job. For being the first feature film of both directors, it looks very professional. It has several film subsidies from different countries and lot of people worked on it. Most of the main crew and cast members from Turkey were present which was very nice.
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