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12 February 2014

The Berlinale Blog: Day 3

By Cassio | Categorised in Film Festivals, News

By Rusanna Danielian

Bai Mi Zha Dan Ke (The Rice Bomber)

Directed by Cho Li

Starring: Huang Chien-wei, Nikki Hsieh, Michael Chang, Hsu Chia-jung, Yang Peng-yu.


Yang Rumen (Ru) is living in the countryside in Taiwan. After noticing how the politics in his country are destroying the agricultural landscape, he decides to do something about it and starts building little rice bombs to get the attention of the government.


At the beginning of the film he is a very irresponsible person.  After hard years serving as a solder in the military, he decides to escape his family and the City to live peacefully in the countryside.  As Ru experiences a personal tradgey within this farming community, he is spurned on to make a change and soon gets caught up in the middle of the media attention. But he does not try to hide from anyone, and that is his redeeming feature.
I liked the movie pretty much. The story was interesting and emotional. The transformation of the protagonist from the irresponsible young guy, who just lives for the day, into a brave man who fights for his convictions and the unprivileged community is well developed. There are also very beautiful images and great music that work very well together.
However, I would criticise the length of the film – The two hours seemed to be endless. I personally think that the film would be more effective if it would be shorter. The story could be told faster without losing significant information.
The fact that it is based on a true story makes it much more interesting to me.  As the director Cho Li explained afterwards, the reason why she made this film was to tell the real story of the “Rice Bomber”. Her goal is it to tell the audience to  “believe in your convictions and never give up hope!”
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