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16 June 2014

Met Film School Berlin Student Wins Advertising prize!

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Rusanna Danielian, a BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking student at Met Film School Berlin, won the “Most Kissable Lips” competition held by global pharmaceutical company Devirex, following the production of her short film “Lipstick.”  This film will now be used to advertise their products, as well as a prize of €2000!

Rusanna came up with an original idea of a very visual short film, where a character is leaves lip prints on letters, postcards and the like.
“The first thing that came into my mind when I heard the topic of the competition was a bunch of close ups of different kind of lips.”  Rusanna tells us when asked about the origin of the idea, “so I thought that this would be the last thing I would choose.
“Since I have a habit of leaving my own lip prints on post cards,, I thought that this would be visually nice and representative for a short film on ‘kissable lips’. But I wanted something sweet and unique, a character that people would respond to in the film…I wanted to create a guy who could win my heart.
After I had the basic idea to work with,  I started an online casting to bring my vision into life. A lot of actors and actresses were interested in this novel idea, so I had a good choice.
The first shooting day was the hardest, because we had so many different scenes on several locations. I had to coordinate everything at the same time and keep in touch with all the girls, to tell them at which time and place they should be there. Thankfully my lovely sister who played the flower girl came all the way from Cologne specially to assist me and I had two of my wonderful classmates helping out with camera and sound.
Winning first prize motivates me to go on with what I am doing, to become better and to take new challenges. Because now I have proof that I should believe in my abilities!”
Rusanna’s advertisement will be hitting Youtube soon!
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