23 January 2015

5 Reasons we are excited about the 65th Berlinale

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in Film Festivals, News
This year marked the 65th Berlin International Film Festival and we are around to cover the best of emerging filmmakers, documentaries and anticipated premieres. Here are our 5 reasons that we are excited about this year’s Berlinale:
‘No one wants the night’ – Opening Night: Spanish filmmaker Isabel Coitext premiered her seventh film at the Opening night of the Berlinale, as it competed for the Golden Bear prize (Best Film). This was the first time a Spanish filmmaker has been nominated for best film at the Berlinale and it quickly became a festival favourite. The film portrays the story of two women in love with the same man whilst battling to survive in treacherous arctic conditions. This heart-warming tale, starring academy award winner Julliette Binoche, was set set amongst icy backdrop and mysterious arctic plains.
The World Premier of ‘Life’: Robert Pattinson and newcomer Dane DeHaan joined forces for this biopic of photographer Denis Stock (Dehaan) and James Dean (Pattinson). This feature reveals the unlikely friendship between photographer and rising star as they travel from LA to Indiana. ‘Life’ is already predicted to be one of 2015 top films and promises an insight into the elusive icon James Dean came to be.
Screening of ‘Censored Voices’: The long awaited documentary ‘Censored Voices’ was screened at the 65th Berlinale following its Sundance premiere a month beforehand.  Documentary filmmaker Mor Loushy revealed the original recordings from the 1967 ‘Six-Day War’. These recordings from young kibbutsniks, lead by author Amos Oz, was aired for the first time since the original recordings were censored and fragmented by the Israeli army.
The World Premier of Terrence Mailck’s ‘Knight of Cups’: Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchette star in Terrence Malick’s latest project. ‘The Tree of Life’ director will tell the story of a screenwriter trying to make sense of the indulgent Hollywood lifestyle. The feature’s synopsis had previously been closely guarded, making this world premiere even more anticipated and it didn’t disappoint with it’s poetic avant- guard feel.
The ‘Perspektive Deutches Kino’:  Young filmmakers have shone through in this year’s Perspektice Deutsches Kino category. This programme  screened 14 films highlighting some the best young filmmakers of 2015. Three of the top fictional features included ‘Elixir’, ‘Im Sommer’ and ‘Bube Stur’. These features have already been praised for their insightful perspective and insight in to fillmmaking. Although this category contained a mix of feature length films, documentaries and shorts, it introduced  an array of new and talented filmmakers to the industry.
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