11 February 2015

The European centre of filmmaking: 5 reasons to study and make films in Berlin

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in News

“This is a really cool vibe here.  It’s a city that is redefining itself in some ways.” Brad Pitt


Wondered why we decided to open a film school in Berlin?  Quite aside from being a European cultural centre for art, film, music and fashion, Berlin is also a City which nurtures and inspires filmmaking talent from across the world.  We caught up with Medienboard Berlin- Brandenburg at this year’s European Film Market which runs alongside the Berlin International Film Festival, to find out more about why filmmakers are flocking to the city.


1)       Hollywood loves the German capital region: 

It isn’t just Independent filmmakers that flock to Berlin, our favourite Hollywood stars and talent also come here to make their films.  In recent years the likes of Tom Cruise, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks, George Clooney and Wes Anderson have written film history in the city.  In fact, the German film capital has seen International productions such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inglorious Basterds, The Hunger Games – Mockingjay and The Reader produced here to great success.

2)      Berlin is the perfect backdrop:

A diverse city with many contrasting features and architecture, Berlin has played city double for New York, London, Moscow and Paris in the past and continues to be utilized for its enchanting location.  The new spy thriller from Steven Spielberg is set at the time of the Cold War in Moscow and was filmed in Berlin in 2014 for example.

3)      Studio Facilities:  

Met Film School Berlin is based at BUFA studios, which has a large green screen and stages for TV productions.  Berlin is a hub of filmmaking activity, so it also boasts the oldest soundstage in the world, as films started being made here 100 years ago.  DEFA studios has also become the most modern studio complex in Europe, with directors like Spielberg, Clooney and Tykwer making their films here.

4)      Funding: 

Berlin-Brandenburg can offer attractive support for filmmakers.  Medienboard supports film and media projects with about €30 million each year.  In 2014, over 250 films were developed, produced and marketed.  Beyond this, a significant amount of the DFFF funds flow into productions from the capitals region.

5)      Get support from the Film commission: 

The Berlin-Brandenburg film commission is the first address for film teams who want to shoot in the capital region, offering an extensive and constantly updated location database.  Here, almost 1,500 locations in the region are available for filmmakers.



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