3 August 2015

MA Directing launches at Met Film School Berlin!

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At Met Film School, we strive to encourage all of our students to develop their creative voices and carve out their own path within the industry.  To support this, we have launched a new postgraduate programme in Directing; an intensive, practical programme taught by industry professionals.  For more information on our postgraduate courses, request a prospectus.

Our new MA Directing programme (launching this October) is designed to give students a comprehensive grasp of the creative and technical responsibilities of directors today, within a historical, cultural and industrial context. The programme will train our students in visualising the content of a script, managing the technical team and guiding actors to deliver filmed content along the lines of his or her creative vision.

Already in its second year at our London campus, the programme has developed the screen creatives of the future, who have subsequently gone on to showcase their films at a variety of festivals and found employment within the creative arts.

One of our recent graduates of the programme, Paloma Lommel, screened her short film ‘Little Hurricane’ at Aesthetica Film Festival in the UK.  She found the experience a perfect way to conclude her year’s intensive study of Directing screen content:

“The highlight for me was watching my film with a new and unknown audience. It is the most rewarding experience that you can have as a Director, having the chance to listen to the different reactions that each audience has towards your film. It’s a learning curve to see if the emotions that you hoped had projected on-screen actually translate with the viewers.”

Paloma Lommel is one of our recent graduates of the MA Directing programme. For more details on what this course offers, request a prospectus here. Watch the trailer for Little Hurricane here.

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