24 June 2016

What does a Brexit mean for Met Film School current and future students?

By Nina Hartwig | Categorised in News, CEO Blog

You may be wondering what this morning’s news might mean for Met Film School students and future students.

This is a time of huge uncertainty and change, for sure, but there is at least a two-year horizon for the UK to plan a transition out of the EU. It’s already clear that the key parties and authorities in the UK and EU want the transition process to be orderly and carefully considered. That makes total sense because it is in everybody’s interests to take that approach.

There is also much that will not change, not least the unique qualities of our institution and student body that we have built up over the last 13 years and which will continue to grow. Our connections to industry will not be affected. Our school and our qualifications will remain internationally recognised and we and our graduates will continue to be leaders in the industry. We will continue to teach students from around the world who are drawn to the UK as a global hub and epicentre of the creative industries.

We don’t expect the decision to affect our current students in London or Berlin, or incoming students for the 2016/17 academic year, including those from the EU. There is no reason to assume any change to your immigration status or access to student loans. If the government advises differently in the future, we will let those students and prospective students know and help them navigate the uncertainty. All offers which have been made relating to incoming students’ acceptances will of course be honoured.

If you are considering studying with us, and are concerned about the implications of the vote on your ability to study with us, I would recommend you get in touch with us and we will be able to discuss through with you

As and when more becomes clear in the coming months, we will update you as we go. Meanwhile, if you are a current student and have any thoughts or concerns, please contact the student administration team who will be happy to help.  For prospective students you should contact the admissions team on +44 20 8280 9119 or email them on info@metfilmschool.co.uk.

The bottom line is that whatever challenges come our way as a result of this decision, Met Film School remains and will remain committed to all its students and is proud of the diversity and the character and inspiration of our entire student body. We and our graduates will continue to thrive.

Jonny Persey

Chief Executive, Met Film

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