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15 May 2020

MA Cinematography student’s learnings, halfway through the course…

By Giuseppe Bruni | Categorised in News, Graduate Stories, Student Stories

MetFilm School Berlin’s first MA Cinematography intake is now more than halfway through and we’re already excited to see what our students will be achieving next.

One of seven students on the course, Eyad Alshaar, joined after completing a BA in Visual Communication which provided the provided foundations of cinematography. Not long after, a piece of short-form content he shot for a basketball academy even opened exciting opportunities to work with brands such as Puma and Vans.

Speaking about his time on the course so far, Eyad was keen to talk about the professional experience he’d gained. “I can definitely say that the School tries to mimic exactly what happens in real life. Getting to understand how professional-grade camera and lighting equipment work to achieve a vision, with the help of highly trained instructors, has really pushed my knowledge.”

Eyad is relishing the chance to create as much as possible. In particular, he cites his work on the course’s Lighting Workshop module as being a particular highlight so far.

Eyad’s Five tips for aspiring cinematographers

Think of the story. All my creative decisions are in support of the story I am trying to tell. Whether it is the choice of camera, lenses, lighting, movement, set design etc. It is the feeling and emotional state that I have when reading a script, that builds up my creative approach.

Remember your influences. I keep a library of visual references on my laptop. They can be from any frame that has ever struck a nerve with me when I first saw it. It can work from film, commercial, photography, TV, you name it. So whenever I am presented with a new project, I get an understanding of what is intended and browse through my library and find the reference or style that I think best fit the delivery of the project.

Collaborate. The main objective for a cinematographer should be to deliver the story and the director’s vision to the best of their ability.

Stay focused. When things get back to normal, I wish to practice this craft professionally, creating beautiful, meaningful frames that resonate with people and to never stop learning.

Be professional. Make sure you’re on time, be focused, and stay humble.

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